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élan ~ n.   1. Enthusiastic vigor and liveliness.   2. Distinctive style or flair.


Committed to Serve.  Driven to Succeed.


Humility, empathy, gratitude and passion are the essence of our culture.

We seek to understand the specific needs and expectations of every customer…every day. We are unapologetically idealistic; immersed in a team structure that rewards initiative, creativity, and collaboration.  Our ambition is guided by the timeless tenets of integrity, respect and professionalism.  Delivering on promises, managing the unforeseen and turning challenges into solutions is how we earn trust and establish lasting connections.  Our talented team proudly represents  110 leading manufacturer partners  to deliver the optimal solution; on time, within budget and with service that you deserve.  

It's our privilege to serve and support the communities in which we live and work.  We are pleased to host accredited lighting education coursework through Élan University.   Presented by industry experts, the curriculum is timely and relevant; offered every month – in person and online.

In the fast paced, transforming world of lighting, we abide by timeless ideals and values as we embrace your expectations as our own. 

Our extraordinary team is inspired and eager to work with you!



Stephen Kohl

Élan Lighting, Inc.



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Élan is a relationship-based, solution-driven lighting agency committed to light done right. Integrity and long-term client satisfaction is the guiding principles behind our service. Check out our reviews on Google.

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